38mm Diameter Breitling Top Time 810 Replica Watches

Let’s start with size because I think it’s one of the most endearing aspects of the Breitling 810 Top Time Replica Watches. The early Mark 1 810’s were produced with a case diameter of just below 38mm. Versus the petite Carrera of 36mm, the Top Times are comparatively massive. Another proportional difference is expressed in lug width. Whereas the Carrera sported slender 18mm lugs, the Breitling weighs in with a huge 21mm gap.

On the wrist, the Fake Breitling Top Time 810 Watches shows its size well. It’s definitely not as large as a Speedmaster and it’s also not as flat. A large domed acrylic crystal actually contributes to the illusion of mass as well. I’ve set the 810 on a medium brown strap for now – I’ve tried a black racing style strap too – and it’s what I like best so far. I say “so far” as I may need to go custom with something that tapers even more dramatically towards the buckle.

Dial-wise, the Breitling Top Time 810 is textbook racing chronograph. It’s a typical three-register layout with a printed outer tachymeter scale. Printing on the black dial Best Fake Breitling Watches surface is done in white while the silver ridged registers contain black numbers. The hands are thin, white and perfectly elegant for a watch with a similarly sleek case. Lume is printed on the dial for the hour markers, which is in keeping with the sporty theme.

Inside the Breitling Swiss Replica, one encounters the familiar Venus 178. We’ve been down this path many times before – Navitimers, Cosmonautes, and Co-Pilots – as it was Breitling’s favored choice for chronographs. There’s not much to mention in its application on the Top Time other than the fact that the Mark 1’s make do with a curiously small winding crown when lined up against the Mark 2’s.

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