Breitling Replica Watches Unveils The Pilot’s Smart, The B55 Connected

Breitling will soon introduce the Breitling B55 Replica Watches Connected, a multifunction pilot’s chronograph that offers smart phone connectivity to control the watch and transfer data to the phone.

Based on the Best Breitling Replica B50 multifunction digital pilot’s watch, the B55 Connected is the latest in a long line of digital pilot’s watches that started 30 years ago. Less a smart watch than a multifunction wristwatch with a wireless connectivity app the B55 can link to a smart phone.

Various functions on the watch like setting the time or alarm can be controlled from the phone, while data recorded on the watch, flight times for instance, can be uploaded onto the smart phone. Less a smart watch that a pilot’s chronograph with a wireless connection, the Breitling Replica B55 has all the typical functions of Breitling’s digital aviator watches: countdown and count-up features, chronograph, mission timer, second time zone and alarm.

It’s based on the movement inside the B50, Breitling’s Fake Watches most advanced multifunction timepiece. A COSC certified “Superquartz” calibre, the movement is a temperature compensated quartz made by ETA. These high-end quartz movements automatically account for the effect of temperature on the frequency of the quartz crystals inside, giving them an accuracy within a second a month. An average quartz movements runs to about five to ten times that range.

The case is diamond-like carbon coated titanium, with a blue rubber strap. To distinguish this from the Best AAA Breitling Replica Watches unconnected B50, a wireless logo is emblazoned somewhat clumsily on the dial.

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