Breitling New All-Black Endurance Pro

The Best Breitling Endurance Pro Replica is easily one of the most interesting watches in Breitling’s extensive portfolio. For a brand that’s known for making big, chunky, vintage-inspired watches, the ultra-light, ultra-modern Endurance Pro is a bit of an anomaly. We reckon it’s one of the most underrated sports watches on the market – but there’s been one sticking point for many fans: its colour.

Or rather, its many colours. When it launched, the Cheap Breitling Replica was available in yellow, red, blue, orange and white – a veritable kaleidoscope of colours. But the problem with bright colours is as much as they’ll draw in some customers, they’ll alienate others.

That’s why we were so excited when Breitling quietly dropped a new black take on the Endurance Pro earlier this month. It’s the colour (or shade for you pedants out there) that the watch was really lacking… And it totally transforms the watch into something that looks ridiculously expensive.

Well, the all-black colour scheme really complements the Breitling Replica Watches unique case material. It’s made out of Breitling’s proprietary ‘Breitlight’ plastic composite: an ultra-light polymer that’s 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel, whilst also being nonmagnetic, thermally stable, and hypoallergenic.

Breitling Replica Watches Online is highly resistant to scratches, traction, and corrosion, and feels warmer to the touch than metal. As an added aesthetic benefit, it has a slightly textured appearance reminiscent of carbon fibre or mica that’s particularly attractive.

The matching black rubber strap also does much to heighten its ultra-premium aesthetic, as do its yellow small seconds counter hands and chronograph hand. Again, it’s small details that count. Argh… We bloody love this Fake Watch. It’s so baller.

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