Cheap Breitling Replica Watches New Product Launch

As a precision chronograph expert, Breitling in the history of the development of chronograph technology played a crucial role: 1915 Breitling invented the world’s first 2 o’clock position in the independent timing button; 1934 invented the first Two independent timing button; 1969 launched the first equipped with automatic winding chronograph movement watch. Cheap Breitling Replica is one of the few self-made mechanical chronograph movement of one of the watch brand, movement from R & D to production, all in the Swiss La Chaux-de the ultra-modern Breitling precision timepiece center to complete. In order to better develop self-produced movement, Breitling assembled the most exquisite engineers and movement of the division of the division, and ultimately create a series of practical and convenient and extraordinary performance of the “engine”, and all have a precise and reliable benchmark Swiss official observatory certification.

Breitling Chronoworks professional technicians are enthusiastic about their mission, reevaluating the Breitling star “engine” – Breitling Replica Watches homemade 01 movement: this automatic winding chronograph movement, the use of modern structure, equipped with a guide column Wheel, longitudinal clutch and more than 70 hours of power reserve. In order to improve the performance of the movement as much as possible, engineers and watchmakers once again test each part of the movement, and strive to find the slightest energy loss, the smallest of the unwanted friction and easy to produce the most subtle weight redundancy The They have developed five technical upgrades for this purpose to reduce friction and power loss at all stages, everything is just to improve energy efficiency.

The first item is optimized from the movement splint. In order to reduce the friction coefficient of the axle, these parts are made of high-tech ceramic. In fact, this material has been used as a solid additive in high-performance engine lubricants, but it is the first time in the use of advanced tabulation. Thanks to its very low coefficient of friction, the axle of the Breitling Replica  axle can be placed directly in the pores of the splint without the need for ruby ​​hole protection, while also reducing the loss of kinetic energy, and without the need to add lubricant. Correspondingly, the total number of red body bearings from the original 47 down to 36.

Breitling will be the first in the world to sell 100 limited edition watch, watch connoisseurs and limited fans to show Breitling Chronoworks ® in the technical breakthrough level of the results, and some of which will be applied in the future Standard watches on the table. The Cheap Replica Watches Breitling chose one of its star watches – super marine culture series, and the brand new matte ceramic case re-interpretation, and ultimately create a classic, strong, modern black appearance. Dial decorated with sharp angle when the standard, reproduced in 1957 Super Ocean watch for watch enthusiasts and the pursuit of the ultimate experience of people to create the design style. Through the transparent table back can be a glimpse of Chronoworks ® movement of the movement, the innovative mechanical device and black pendulum is clearly visible. Another exclusive feature is the watch of the rubber braided strap, which draws on the classic steel braided bracelet design, unique.

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