Novelty Replica Watch Breitling Navitimer 806

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watch has thickened.All lovers of the 806 in its purest form of 1959 will be delighted to discover this new piece, all in finesse and nuances.A real pleasure when worn on the wrist.

We change (almost) nothing, and we focus on all these micro-details that really make the difference. Of course, in 60 years, we also do not forget to do better in accuracy and reliability.

This re-edition therefore benefits from a brand new Breitling Replica manufacture caliber derived from the 01 caliber, the B09. A hand-wound caliber for use on future re-releases. That’s what I call doing things right.

Even if once again we are going to talk about limited edition, it was a choice to make: Swiss Fake Watches to re-edit only one piece and put it back in collection, or to recreate small series and see reborn one, see two times a year, pieces that we all love very much. What would you have done?

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