The Best Two Breitling Top Time B01 Watches

The Breitling Top Time replica watches now use the Breitling manufacture B01 chronograph caliber instead of the Valjoux-based Breitling 23.Breitling describes the Top Time as the “unconventional” chronograph. While the most recent limited editions with quirky colorways are certainly a departure compared to the Navitimers and Premier models, the Top Time was only sometimes unconventional.

The youthful style persists in the new watches with greater exuberance and experimentation. This demographic is why the Top Time only had the Cheap Breitling Replica 23 chronograph caliber to keep the price at the entry level and entice with the left-field designs. The B23 uses the Valjoux 7753 base, beats at 28,800vph, and delivers 48 hours of power reserve. These specs are suitable for a Swiss chronograph but cannot match the in-house cachet of the Breitling B01 nor the extended 70-hour power reserve.

Breitling Top Time B01 Triumph

The Breitling Top Time Triumph Replica Watches brings back the same design cues from the 2022 edition.However, the Breitling × Triumph Top Time without the engraving was still available, albeit only briefly.This new collaborative watch is part of the regular collection and again employs the same approach as the Deus and Classic Cars by incorporating the B01 movement. That said, the difference between the models is less evident as this edition maintains the twin-register layout.

Like the Deus, the stainless steel case’s height drops to 13.3mm while keeping the same 41mm diameter. It’s a proportional case that wears well on various wrist shapes and sizes, even with the outsized pump-style chronograph pushers. The mesh bracelet that contours to the case is a dressy option with the ice-blue dial.

This bracelet complements the dial design more harmoniously than on the Deus edition above.As with the Top Time B01 Deus Swiss Replica Watches, the solid case back concealing the former B23 opens to reveal the B01 via a sapphire window. However, unlike the Deus model, no logo is on the underside of the glass above the rotor’s center bearing.

Breitling Top Time B01 Deus

With the Breitling Replica B01 movement, both watches now join the Top Time Classic Car Editions, which also got an upgrade this year.What sets the models apart is the addition of the 12-hour totalizer on the Deus model at the 6 o’clock position. This cushion-shaped sub-dial replaces the hand-drawn Deus logo, which now sits beneath the stylized Breitling logo. The typeface for “DEUS” appears unconventionally with the handwritten style as before.

A consistent feature of the Deus model is the funky central chronograph seconds hand in the form of a red lightning bolt. Along with the red accents on the hour and minute totalizers, it’s a clear way to distinguish the elapsed timing functions from the regular time-telling.

The contrasting black and white scales make the new Deus First Copy Watches far more legible than the sky-blue and cream editions. In keeping with the range is the Deus mantra, “In Benzin Veritas”, scrawled on the tachymeter bezel where “units per hour” would typically sit.

The third Deus Top Time remains a striking watch thanks to the flashes of red and orange. I also appreciate the reverse-panda style reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s Top Times. Another vintage quality is the reduced case height from 14.27mm to 13.3mm, with the B01 visible via the exhibition window.

Details to note

The black calfskin racing strap with cobra-yellow inner lining, white stitching, and a folding clasp nicely complements the dial tones of the Newest Top Quality Breitling Deus Replica model. Just regarding the “cobra yellow” term, it’s one we often use to describe Breitling’s signature color tone.

Breitling yellow dates back to the late 1950s and was first used in advertisements in the USA. Breitling also updated user manuals worldwide to yellow in the same era. Later, in the 1960s, the packaging changed to yellow for Europe and stuck around until the 1970s.

Buy Your Luxury Breitling Watch With Crypto steel bracelet meshes better with the ice-blue Triumph, but there’s no massive difference between the pricing, so it depends on your style preference. Despite neither watch appearing seaworthy, each timepiece has a 100m water resistance rating and a non-screw-down crown.

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