The History of the Replica Breitling Transocean

By the 1950s, Breitling had firmly established themselves as the suppliers of the most superior pilot replica watches on the market. Their aviation legacy began the decade prior with the Chronomat. Then, in 1952, they continued to grow their presence in the field with the debut of the now-iconic Navitimer.

Breitling Replica named the Transocean for the era, which marked the golden age of transcontinental flight. As mentioned, the brand had originally built the Navitimer with professional and amateur pilots in mind.The model features a more polished and elegant design, perfect for a frequently traveling executive. In this way, the Transocean is somewhat of a departure from Breitling’s typical sporty aesthetic. It can serve equally well as a dress watch.

The Transocean still boasts some impressive capabilities to boot. The remarkable functionality and sturdiness of the Breitling Transocean Replica makes it instantly recognizable as a Breitling. The model is shock resistant, antimagnetic, and water resistant thanks to a special “super-sealed” case. In addition, it comes equipped with a COSC certified automatic mechanical movement.

The modern Transocean honors the original with a distinctly vintage yet timeless design. However, Swiss Fake Breitling has notably enhanced the luxury aspect of the collection and added some contemporary upgrades. The original re-edition of the Transocean came in a modern, oversized 43mm case with a hefty 14.35mm thickness.

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