How Big Should My Replica Watch Be

I received a Rolex Replica watch 1853 timing automatic movement recently. My son also had a quartz movement. My question is about the width of Rolex Replica watches. My automatic seems to be two times thicker than my son. The thickness of the added value, performance or it is just a design. My wrist is small and the watch looks huge. My son is 6 “4” plus, so whether it is to look up to him is very good. It seems that the Replica watches is to cater to the large people or size and fashion related?
In the past, the smaller the Replica watches, the more thin, “better” is because the movement needs to be more refined, more compact. Really, the smaller the space you work, the more you need to do the project. At the same time, the more complex movement, it’s bigger, it needs. Generally speaking, the movement of quartz is smaller, and the mechanical movement can be smaller and thinner in the case of such complexes. Just because a case does not mean that it has a good sport or high quality. Today there are a lot of cases, is the big cause of fashion, and contains a relatively small movement, which includes.
Recently, the Swiss Replica watches brand is the main development of the sports sleeve watches. These large movements are against mechanical miniaturization and are a major component of the twentieth century. The big man’s Replica watches are now the style and the majority of men like clocks between 40-44mm wide. Some people prefer them, but about 95% of them have a watch in the size range. The short answer to your question is, the bigger the watch is simple in style, and will be in the foreseeable future.

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